Cary First podcast name is “Cary First Christian Church Sermons” and consists of five sermons at this time.  We will embark upon not only making sermons available, but a variety of other interesting topics and content.  

So, let’s get started!

First, download the free copy of iTunes from  There are copies available for both Mac and PC.  

After downloading go into iTunes Store.  Then search for our  podcast  by entering  “Cary First Christian Sermons”  in upper right search box.

This will open iTunes to our podcast where you will see the list of available podcast.



Finally,  click the podcast cover of Rev. Brickhouse which will then allow you to subscribe.  Click Subscribe below the podcast cover. The download arrow on the right of each podcast  will allow you to download podcasts individually to your phone, tablet, or any device you prefer and is compatible.



Still Having Difficulty?  Or Need More Details?

Try viewing this video and watch step-by-step.